KongChess was just a little thing in our eyes back then in May 24, 2008. It was first thought up of by the users of Barrens Chat, before it was taken over by all the spammers, noobs, and trolls. These two legendary regulars, Sheensghost and Boometh, then began to think of an entire cardset where people could duel eachother. The "Kongregate Fan Card Game" thread was born, and there was a fast fury of card making in the mix. Sadly, as all forum topics go, it slowly died out. Then, on December 19th, 2009, it was reborn as "KongChess", a card game featuring all the features of teh internetz. Now, Founders Sheensghost and Boometh work to achieve their goal: To make such an awesome card game, it'll reach 4 stars. To this day, they work on, despite frequently lacking energy to NOT being money mongers that try to scam users of their money, and thus, cannot afford a new coffee maker. This has been a public service announcement.