The Shop

If we're going to have a card game, you have to be able to buy new cards and packs, right? So we now introduce to you...THE SHOP! You can buy these cards with Spheres, a glowing ball of magic that acts as the currency of the world.

Here are the current cards and packs! You get three cards per pack, and those cards are randomly chosen from the list below.

KEB Pack

KEB Pack: 800 Spheres

Description: Possibly some of the most awesome people in Barrens Chat combined in this even more awesome pack. Fox2 is the leader of the KEB, and gains power every time a KEB unit is played. This ramps up Fox2's power to an EPIC card. Please note: Some of these cards are found in the Barrens Chat cardset so I am only posting the stats of the ones who aren't.


  • Fox2
  • Elfnow
  • Dabestman
  • XCrackinUpX
  • Sheensghost
  • Boometh
  • RandomMan
  • LynxFox
  • Silentsinner
  • Rothycat
  • Dugra
  • CJCommando
  • Cody
  • LazyDevil
  • Outbreak911
  • Yawn89
  • Joboman
  • Durkslexic
  • CommanderSaNtA
  • XxJuDaSxX
  • Dragonlarfer
  • Bassium


  • Unit Card
  • Type: Unit/Leader
  • Attack: 40/+10
  • Defence: 40/+10
  • HP: 90/400
  • Special: KEB Leader - Gain +10 attack and defence for every KEB member in play. You can activate this ability every three turns.
  • Leader Special: Smiter of the Noobs - Deal 30 damage to all noobs in play. Usable every two turns.
  • Leader Special: Backup - Heal any unit for half of their HP. Usable every two turns.